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Cosmetic dentistry isn’t really just one area of dentistry – it is an amalgamation of several areas of expertise that all come together to give you a beautiful new smile.

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Cosmetic dentistry brings together several areas of expertise, all necessary to give you your perfect smile.

People who come to us for help often have pre-existing issues, requiring restorative dentistry as well as cosmetic work. We are not in our jobs to judge you, but we hope to help you to improve your habits so that you can keep your dental work in good order, along with that smile you will be so proud of. 

Success comes when you have confidence in your smile, in what you eat and how you speak. When you socialise, success means you do so without any worries.

Cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry usually involves the use of veneers, crowns, dental implants, whitening and white fillings, and we use these in the right combinations for you.

Commonly requiring cosmetic dentistry are discoloured fillings, yellow teeth, spaced teeth, crooked teeth, teeth which are not shaped correctly or are chipped, teeth which are misaligned, broken, heavily decayed and also missing teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies greatly. Whitening and cosmetic bonding can be completed in 4- 6 weeks over several visits. If it involves more than this, e.g. If there are issues with the gums or old dentistry which has to be replaced and your jaw stabilised, then it could take months. Between appointments, you will always have natural-looking, temporary restorations.

If you cannot socialise without being embarrassed, or you have difficulty eating or speaking, then you should talk to our team about how we can help you. We can restore your bite as well as your smile – and you’ll have healthy teeth, too! You can have your quality of life back and be free of pain and discomfort.

10 – 15 years. However, because the restorations will never be as good as your own teeth, you will need to look after the work we have done. You will need to follow a meticulous oral hygiene regime and visit us regularly. If you do this, dental implants can last a lifetime and crowns and veneers should last 15 years.

Not at all. We always approach the work in 3 stages:

Complete work on any broken teeth or teeth causing pain or discomfort.

Resolve any issues with your bite and anticipate any problems which will arise over the next 5 years. This will ensure that your new dental work lasts longer and you don’t have to have it changed frequently.  

Finally we address how your teeth actually look, to make sure they are aesthetically pleasing. 

Each stage can be split or spread out. We can usually fit in with your other plans and needs, as well as your budget.


Please contact our friendly team to arrange your free consultation where we can discuss any health, stability and cosmetic concerns you might have, working together to give you a smile you can truly be proud of. 

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What Our Patients Say

Absolutely brilliant I would highly recommend. All the staff are welcoming, friendly & reassuring. I needed to have a wisdom tooth & 1/2 of another tooth (previous dentist disaster). I was nervous but really had no need to be.
Louise Caiger
I was terrified of dentists until I met the team.They helped me to get over this fear and I completed a 6 session course with Alejandra. She did 3 extractions,2 fillings I now have a front denture fitted. Without any pain at all during the procedures, the staff were brilliant. I would highly recommend them a big thank you to you all.
Glenys Knowles