Reasons Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

At The Mall Stockport we believe in prevention of dental diseases and recommend routine visits to our dentist. By making an appointment with one of our dentists on a regular basis, you can ensure your teeth and gums will be as healthy as possible, because we will detect any problems or abnormalities early on. We believe in taking an open and communicative approach with each of our patients and we are here to help you stay on top of your dental health for years to come.

Here are two important reasons why it is really important to visit your Stockport dentist regularly.

Early oral cancer detection

Oral cancer is a disease that can be tricky to diagnose, but your dentist has all the tools and the experience needed to catch any signs of oral cancer. That’s why it is really important to have a screening at least twice a year. Oral cancer is an extremely serious condition and can manifest in different ways, some of which do not have any symptoms at an early stage. However, if caught early on it is easily treatable. As part of your regular dental check-up at The Mall Stockport, our dentist will examine your mouth, tongue, teeth, gums, neck and soft tissue for any abnormalities that could be related to mouth cancer.

Prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Even if you are a diligent brusher and flosser, it is likely that you will eventually build up plaque. This is because our mouth is made of many small areas which are difficult to reach, allowing plaque and tartar to form over time. In order to prevent cavities and gum disease, be sure to see your dentist at The Mall Stockport at least twice a year for regular cleanings.