Contemporary Oral Health Care

What’s on offer at The Mall in Stockport

Our dental team will help you to make long-term improvements to your overall oral health. When you come to our practice for regular check-ups, we’ll check for the early signs of problems, like gum disease and tooth decay, that you might not notice at home. We can also look for signs of cancer in the mouth, using specialised equipment to aid early detection.

We have a range of cosmetic dental treatments that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If your teeth are damaged, we’ll repair them with contemporary materials. If you have missing teeth, we can replace them with implants that restore natural dental function.

Some types of treatment

As a Stockport dentist, we treat a wide variety of conditions with dedication and tact. If your teeth have been chipped or worn at the edges, we can use dental veneers to restore an orderly appearance. The veneer is a thin segment of porcelain or composite material, securely bonded to the surface of the tooth with a powerful gel. Teeth whitening treatments will give you a brighter smile, which can improve how you feel about your overall appearance.

We can improve the position of your teeth using modern realignment appliances. If you have a crooked smile, a misaligned bite, or front teeth that stick out too much, our treatments will make your teeth function more efficiently, and look more appealing.

When we replace your lost teeth with dental implants, you regain the ability to properly bite into your favourite foods. The implants feel natural, and help to maintain the firmness of your face’s underlying bone structure.

Patient experience

Our waiting area features the calming presence of fresh flowers, and hot drinks are available to help you relax. As your Stockport dentist, The Mall is committed to delivering a high-quality oral healthcare experience.