Bringing Out The Best in Your Teeth With The Mall Stockport Dentistry

Here at The Mall Stockport, we offer dental treatments that maintain the health of your teeth and improve their appearance. This is achieved using a combination of cosmetic dental treatments and preventive work.

Dental health and the dentist in Stockport

One of the most important aspects of a dentist’s work is keeping the patient’s teeth healthy so that they can serve the patient for longer into their life without having to resort to tooth replacement.

Although the health of our teeth is mostly our responsibility, we do also need the help of a dentist. Your dentist at The Mall Stockport will stress the importance of regular check-ups.

These check-ups are vital in keeping your teeth healthy. In a check-up, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth for signs of damage and factors that could affect your teeth, such as gum disease and tooth decay. These are the two leading causes of tooth loss in adults, so it’s important to try to minimise the risk factors.

If any reparations need to be made to keep your teeth healthy, we can book you in for an appointment for things like fillings, root canals and crowns.

Getting that extra wow-factor

The most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK is teeth whitening, but at The Mall Stockport, we are not limited to just whitening. At the clinic, you can undergo a complete smile makeover with our smile design service.

This procedure combines multiple treatments to give transformative results for our patients. With the high-tech digital smile planning system at our practice, you can see how your smile will look before you’ve even started treatments.

There aren’t many aspects of a person’s smile we can’t change, so why not make the most of your natural teeth with a visit to The Mall in Stockport?