Bedroom Talk: The Link Between Snoring and Sexual Satisfaction

The Mall Stockport offers a series of oral devices or mouthpieces to address your snoring problem. But more than this quick solution, we also weigh in on the role snoring plays in the bedroom’s most intimate moments—and how it can destroy things, too.

Honey, You’re Snoring Again

More than 800 men took part in a study published a few years back in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 95 of the men were heavy snorers, 573 were moderate snorers and 159 were mild or non-snorers. They were asked questions about sex drive, satisfaction with their sex life and snoring.

The study found that men who snored more reported less sexual satisfaction compared with mild/non-snorers. Snoring affects sleep quality, and so heavy snorers are usually more tired, with excessive daytime sleepiness and with less energy to use up when the evening comes.

More than this, their partners also end up not being able to sleep well, or they may feel less desire for intimacy because of nightly snoring-related stress. In fact, some partners might feel compelled to sleep in a separate bed because of the other’s snoring, eliminating intimacy altogether.

Heavy snorers are not hopeless cases, though, because there are many ways to remedy the problem. Since weight and snoring intensity are closely linked, losing weight is the first step. If snoring is caused by congestion, eliminate possible irritants and consult a doctor about congestion-clearing medications.

Should your snoring be traced to a sleeping disorder, talk with a specialist about proper medication. In the meantime, you can consider having one of our dentists fit you an oral device or mouthpiece to prevent the closure of your airways, which will stop you from snoring.

Talk to our board-certified dentists at The Mall Stockport about how your snoring problem can be addressed and your sex life improved.