Modern Treatment For Tooth Loss

Dentists recommend a regular routine of brushing and flossing to keep harmful bacteria and the build-up of plaque at bay. If not removed regularly, plaque can form tartar, which is much more difficult to remove and carries a higher risk of gum disease. However, if you have already experienced tooth loss, then you’ll want a natural and effective restoration of your missing teeth. That’s where we at The Mall Stockport can help with dental implants.

Dentures versus dental implants

Dentures are one of the most common treatments for patients who have lost multiple teeth. Although dentures come with many benefits, they can’t compete with dental implants. Long-term use of dentures leads to jawbone degeneration, as the missing tooth roots aren’t there to tell the jawbone to stay strong. This can result in a sunken-cheeked look, which has an ageing effect. This can also result in dentures becoming loose, making mealtimes a challenge, as they slip about.

To avoid these consequences, you can have your dentures secured in place with dental implants. At The Mall Stockport, these implants, once fitted, can be attached to your existing dentures or a new set of dentures. This protects the health of your jawbone and provides superior stability to your new teeth.

The procedure

Dental implants at The Mall are fitted during a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic. The implants themselves are small titanium screws, which are placed into your jawbone and left for several months to integrate with the surrounding bone. This provides a secure anchor for your dentures to be attached to, or alternatively for the attachment of a crown or bridge.

Dental implants provide a reliable, secure and long-lasting solution for missing teeth, whether you have lost one, several or even all of your teeth. To find out if dental implants could work for you, get in touch with The Mall Stockport today on

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