Dental Implants: Life Benefits

There are two key things to remember about dental implants: first, they are the only permanent method by which your dentist can replace your missing teeth. Secondly, they are the only way to replace the roots of the teeth. In fact, they can be considered as bionic tooth roots – made from titanium, they are placed in direct contact with your jaw bone during minor oral surgery, which is carried out under either local anaesthetic or conscious sedation at The Mall Stockport dental practice.

As soon as your dental implants are in position, they begin to integrate with your jaw bone. Over a few months, they will form a bond that is similar in strength to that of natural tooth roots, both holding your teeth firmly in place and helping to ensure your jaw bone stays healthy and strong.

At The Mall Stockport dental practice, your dentist can use dental implants in combination with either crowns, a bridge, or dentures to give back all the functions of a jaw of natural teeth.

Unlike traditional dental bridgework, a bridge that is supported by dental implants does not require the loss of any healthy tooth structure because it does not require any support from adjacent teeth, instead of being held in place by your implants.

Whilst traditional dentures often become loose and require frequent visits to the dentist to have them adjusted, dentures attached to dental implants will fit perfectly from the start and will stay that way.

When you are having multiple teeth, or all your teeth, replaced with dental implants, you are unlikely to need as many implants as new teeth. Your Stockport dentist will carefully and precisely place the necessary number of implants (commonly between four and eight per jaw) which will support a full arch of teeth in bridge or denture form.

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