Dental Implants at The Mall Stockport: Are They Right For You?

Before you schedule your dental implant operation, talk to us at The Mall Stockport about your options. Your dentist will meet with you to discuss your medical history, dental health, goals and expectations. We will examine your mouth, teeth and gums carefully for indications that could possibly hinder proper implant healing. We will then assess your medical history.

Risk factors

If you smoke, suffer from diabetes or have advanced gum disease, the treatment may not be for you. However, if you suffer from any of these conditions and are in need of implant surgery, you might still be able to pursue dental implants in Stockport.

Several factors should be considered in advance and discussed with your dentist. For instance, if you had successful oral surgery in the past, it is likely that your implant operation will also be successful. Patients with diabetes usually require more healing time than other patients.

Rebuilding bone

If you do not have enough good quality natural bone to support the implants, we will suggest bone augmentation. Several techniques are used to rebuild your jawbone and provide a strong and solid foundation for dental implants – bone grafting and sinus lifts are the most popular.

If you are a smoker in need of dental implants, it is important to address your smoking habits before the beginning of the treatment. Dental implants do not have the same success rate in smokers when compared with non-smokers because nicotine affects the healing process.

Talk to your dentist

If you are interested in dental implants at The Mall Stockport but you’re not sure whether you are a good candidate because of bone loss or other health conditions, our dentists at The Mall Stockport will help you evaluate your unique health situation to determine the type of dental implants that might work best for you. Talk to us today about whether dental implants are the right treatment for you. Call 0161 480 8040 to book an initial consultation – and there are answers to FAQs here.