Closing The Gap – A Guide to What Dental Implants Can Do for Your Smile

Some of the common feelings that people have when they have missing teeth are:

  • Low self-esteem – It is really common for patients to feel stigmatised because of missing teeth. This is because they feel that their gaps are obtrusive or that they transmit a message about their general health, wellbeing or age;
  • A feeling of poor health – This might be owing to a health condition that has led to tooth loss, or life circumstances that have supported situations that were not conducive to oral health. It could also just be a general feeling of being low because of tooth loss and the limitations that this brings;
  • Dental pain – If you have been living with deteriorating teeth for a while, these can be painful. Having them replaced can offer swift relief from pain.
  • Lack of social interaction – So many of our social experiences are related to eating. If someone is unable to freely make food choices, they may feel like they cannot say yes to social occasions, which can then lead to isolation and other difficult feelings.

If any of the above or similar circumstances apply to you, then you could experience relief by getting dental implants in Stockport with The Mall. Dental implants restore the smile to a level of functionality and appearance that is very close to that of natural teeth. We can talk to you about how the benefits can suit your specific needs.

Many people find themselves experiencing a general uplift in their life after getting dental implants at The Mall. This might include increased confidence, improved general wellbeing and a stronger inclination to get out and enjoy the world. You should be able to choose food freely again as well as laugh, speak and smile naturally.