Eating Disorders and Oral Health

Dentists and dental nurses are in a good position to recognise the early warning signs of eating disorders through signs in your oral health. What are the signs? During your professional check-up the dental team will carry out checks on the hard and soft tissues lining the mouth and look for signs of tooth erosion, […]

Enhancing your life with dental implants

Self-worth and confidence  As much as we believe looks aren’t everything, yet it can help to have confidence in your appearance to mirror this feeling on the inside. It is really common for patients to feel self-conscious because of missing teeth. This is because they feel that the gaps are obvious or that they transmit […]

The positive impacts of dental implants.

Strengthened root and bone growth Unlike standard dentures or bridges, dental implants keep your jaw bone strong and healthy. When the natural tooth roots are missing, the jaw bone begins to resorb (shrink), which will alter the fit of your dentures and cause them to become loose. Securely fitted and reliable Loose-fitting dentures cause a […]

Composite Bonding : its purpose and the treatment process

Why have composite bonding?  Cosmetic tooth bonding can fix a defect or imperfection in a tooth as a quick, cost-effective way to create your perfect smile. It is often used to repair a decayed, cracked, chipped or discoloured tooth. The procedure can also close small gaps in between teeth and can even lengthen the tooth […]

How to Deal With Bad Breath

Post 14 – How to deal with bad breath Bad breath (halitosis) can cause embarrassment and harm self-confidence. But most cases of bad breath can be mitigated by improving oral health and oral hygiene. If you suffer from bad breath, make your dentist your first port of call. As a dental professional, your dentist will […]

Top tips to maintain your smile.

We know how important it is to keep your teeth white after treatment, so we’ve compiled our key top tips to keep your teeth shining bright. These actions are those you can take in addition to our recommended touch up treatments at the surgery, to increase the longevity of your whiter teeth. Brushing well, of […]

If you grind your teeth, you have bruxism

Grinding teeth – or bruxism – is a habit that can be linked to stress and/or anxiety. Some people grind their teeth without being aware of it as it often happens during sleep. Grinding the teeth can result in a range of symptoms such as facial pain and headaches. However, as some people are not […]

Periodontitis (gum disease) – Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

You know when your gums are healthy because they are firm, they fit snugly around your teeth and they are pale pink in colour.  However, if you have any of the following symptoms, you must contact your dental surgery immediately.  This is because the sooner you do, the more chance there is of reversing any […]

Anxious about returning to the dentist after lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic impacted all dentists from the 24th March as legally we all had to shut down. Emergency treatment stations were in place, but unfortunately for the majority of people needing treatment, this was put on hold.  Thousands of appointments were cancelled and treatments postponed. Since Dentists re-opened in June, we have had to […]