Can braces affect my speech?

When new orthodontic appliances are fitted, it will take your mouth a few weeks to adjust, and so it is completely normal for your mouth to feel different. Whilst people adjust at different rates, most people adjust quickly to the feeling of the lingual brace. For many people, speech is not affected, but for some […]

Composite Bonding – Is it a quick fix?

Composite bonding is a reliable, affordable and quick form of invasive cosmetic dentistry that allows material to be matched exactly to the tooth colour without any need to cut down teeth drastically. The composite bonding method is liked by dentists and patients as it preserves natural enamel and can be easily repaired.  Composite bonding is […]

You want teeth which are uniform in length?

We recently saw a video on TikTok which showed someone trying to whiten their teeth by applying bleach on a cotton bud.    Now, it seems people think they can make their teeth an equal length by using nail files. Apparently, these people are seeking perfection – to get rid of ridges as well!   The […]

What’s the secret behind a bright smile?

Improving our teeth has become an imperative for many people.  Today’s celebrity world has helped to bring this to the attention of a younger generation, just one example being rappers, musicians who often mention having their teeth fixed in songs such as Cardi B in the Bodak Yellow song ‘’Got a bag and fixed my […]

How Your Dentist Can Help You Achieve Your Smile Goals

More and more patients are seeking the services of a cosmetic dentist to attain the smile they’ve always dreamt of. The Mall Stockport offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments, with procedures both large and small to make your smile dreams come true.

Invisalign Pros and Cons: Are They Better Than Braces?

The popularity of Invisalign has grown hugely in recent years.

It’s easy to see why the idea of achieving straight teeth without unsightly wires is so popular. But does it really work? Over 96% of patients say it does.

How a Stockport Dentist Can Help You Smile Again!

Have you ever worried about visiting the dentist? Did you know that many of the adult population of the UK are anxious about visiting the dentist? Because of this, many patients wait until there is a real emergency before visiting their dentist and checking up on their teeth. Sadly this approach is more costly than people think. By the time that an emergency has happened then it is usually too late to fix or heal a tooth that may have been saved or prevented from harm if seen to at an earlier stage.

Looking For A Dentist In Stockport?

Are you looking for a dentist in Stockport? At The Mall Stockport, we know you are unique. We know that each of our patients needs a different kind of care from us and an individual approach.

Your Lovely Smile From Your Dentist in Stockport

Never before has it been so easy to change a disappointing smile into a thing of beauty as it is right now. In the last half century, there have been so many new materials and techniques, as well as equipment, produced for dentists, that treatments are far less-invasive, and more gentle and discreet. They also last longer and offer better value for money.