How thumb-sucking impacts dental health

Self-soothing by sucking the thumb, lip or finger is very common with babies – especially children ages 2 – 4. At around 5 or 6 years of age, children start to lose their first set of ‘baby’ teeth and wait for their adult set to come in. It is very important before that set of […]

Healthy Teeth in Childhood

The dental hygiene habits we develop in childhood help us to maintain healthy adult teeth. The healthy habits reduce the risk of cavities and will ensure children are able to eat, sleep and function well as they grow.  To help children keep their teeth healthy, here are 5 top tips: Encourage children to eat a […]

Dental advice for children as the festive season approaches

Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas mean piles of sweet treats for our children. We believe children should enjoy their favourite treats – with their dental health in mind. Here’s some suggestions to help your children’s teeth maintain their health: Eat sweets and other sugary foods/drinks with meals or shortly after mealtime. This way the saliva […]

Back to School Dental Care

After an unprecedented year so far, many of us are trying to form good habits and a routine for our children returning back to school, after such a very long time off. Positive habits and productive routines are so important right now. We are setting up our children to a new way of schooling and […]

Protect Your Children’s Teeth With Preventive Dentistry In Stockport

When it comes to oral care and hygiene, prevention is better than cure. This is equally true for children and adults. However, children’s teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease and that’s why it’s really important to protect their teeth, and teach them the right way to brush and floss at home.

How Soon Shall I Take My Child to The Dentist?

The joy of parenthood also comes with many appointments – vaccinations, doctor’s visits…and visits to see the dentist in Stockport all need to be part of your child’s appointment schedule to keep them healthy and happy.

Finding a Good Children’s Dentist: What You Need to Know

By bringing your child to visit a dentist from an early age, you can help them to establish good dental habits and excellent oral health for life. The Mall Stockport offers a full range of children’s dental services, with a firm focus on preventative dentistry.