The Winning Ways of a Full Smile

The power of dental implants will give you not only a full smile but they can also restore your self esteem.  The impact of a smile on your confidence and how people see you is immeasurable.   Dental implants from The Mall may be your way forward. A smile can actually help you feel more […]

Project ‘New Smile’ with Dental Implants

Investing in your new smile is the most promising project you can start. If you have missing teeth or loose fitting dentures, dental implants are the most viable and permanent fix for your smile and the practical issues a damaged smile can cause.  Dental implants significantly help improve self confidence and quality of life, as […]

Bad Breath and Diet

What foods cause bad breath? Many adults are affected by bad breath (halitosis). It can be a problem for self-confidence and how they engage in conversations or interact with friends, colleagues and family. Although bad breath can be a sign of a health problem that requires medical treatment, what we choose to eat and drink […]

Don’t Delay Treatment of a Dental Abscess

The pain an abscess causes will not go away without treatment. Dental abscesses are not often covered in dental blogs because they make people wince or cringe. This is even more true if you have ever had the unpleasant reality of having an abscess. Patients who have ever experienced an abscess under one tooth or […]