Benefits of having dental implants

If you’re thinking about getting dental implants to replace missing teeth but are still unsure, you should know that there are benefits.  Are they expensive? Are they the best option for you personally? Are they going to look natural in your mouth? To help you with your decision and answer your questions, here is a […]

Dental advice for children as the festive season approaches

Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas mean piles of sweet treats for our children. We believe children should enjoy their favourite treats – with their dental health in mind. Here’s some suggestions to help your children’s teeth maintain their health: Eat sweets and other sugary foods/drinks with meals or shortly after mealtime. This way the saliva […]

Are dentures my only choice?

There may come a time when you need to look at tooth replacement.  Dentures are not your only option.  Whilst they cost a lot less than dental implants, they are less durable and could be uncomfortable.  They may become loose in your mouth as your jaw changes shape with age. However, they are an affordable […]

Is teeth grinding bad for us?

Indeed teeth grinding (or bruxism) can be seriously bad for us.  When left untreated, it can lead to wearing down existing teeth, broken fillings and sensitive teeth.  Teeth grinding most commonly occurs during sleep, the effects of which will be felt throughout the day.  Sufferers will often experience jaw pain, headaches and even earaches. The […]

You want teeth which are uniform in length?

We recently saw a video on TikTok which showed someone trying to whiten their teeth by applying bleach on a cotton bud.    Now, it seems people think they can make their teeth an equal length by using nail files. Apparently, these people are seeking perfection – to get rid of ridges as well!   The […]