Are your missing teeth causing you any problems?

People who have lost teeth can experience problems with eating, speaking and appearance, and the way in which missing teeth can sometimes impact on your jaw can cause headaches.  There may even be a change to your bite (that is the way in which your teeth meet when you close your jaw). Your remaining teeth […]

Dentures are not your only option.

The loss of your natural teeth need not result in wearing dentures, although dentures do suit some people very well and they wear them successfully for years.  However, some people find dentures loosen over time and become uncomfortable.  Issues can arise, such as having to exclude some foods from your diet, difficulties with forming certain […]

What happens when you have professional tooth cleaning at your dentist?

Professionally cleaning your teeth is an excellent way to protect your smile. Scheduling a clean once every six months will catch gum disease and tooth decay at early stages before any severe damage is done. This may well save you time, money and inconvenience, and perhaps best of all, it will save your smile and […]