Are Dental Implants For Me?

The Mall Stockport offer dental implants in Stockport to new and existing patients, so why not get in touch today to see how dental implants could have a major affect on your self confidence and life in general? Many people opt to have dental implants in Stockport, especially if they are missing more than one tooth, as living with lost teeth can make speaking, eating and drinking that little bit more difficult.

All You Need To Know About Getting Veneers at The Mall, Stockport

Celebrities have the best smiles, don’t they? They flash those pearly whites on red carpets and we turn green with envy.
If we could only be born with perfect teeth like them…
The truth is, many of them weren’t born with perfect teeth. They didn’t get braces either. So how did they get those gorgeous gnashers?
In most cases, they got veneers. If you’re thinking about getting veneers to give your smile a boost, we’re about to tell you everything you need to know first.

After It’s Been A Knockout

Unlike sharks who can get through as many teeth as they like, humans only get one adult set, so losing them is a big wrench, especially if you’re young and have just had one or more knocked out in a sporting or vehicular accident. If those lost teeth were at the front of your mouth, as they tend to be in cases of knocked out teeth, then you may be feeling even grimmer. It’s one thing not to be able to chew or speak quite clearly. It’s a whole other thing to look all gappy and be faced with a partial denture or a bridge for the rest of your life. Thank goodness then, for the availability of dental implants in Stockport.

Contemporary Oral Health Care

At The Mall Stockport, we offer a friendly, comfortable service to people seeking a dentist in Stockport. Our team provides personalised care with up-to-date information and modern dental technology. For new patients we provide a free initial consultation, so we can get to know your dental history, and what we can do to improve your teeth.

Considering Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can make you feel less confident and stop you smiling. You might even find you can’t eat your favourite dishes anymore. More worryingly than that, teeth next to the gap can start to slide into the space left behind, meaning they too can be in danger of being lost.

Closing The Gap – A Guide to What Dental Implants Can Do for Your Smile

When you visit The Mall for your dental implants in Stockport, we want to understand what is important to you so we can help you get the results that you want. This might mean talking to us about your experience of having missing or deteriorating teeth. We understand that this can be difficult but we talk to lots of patients about it all the time. We are not here to judge your teeth, we’re here to help.