A Twinge of Pain = Serious Oral Concern That Needs Your Attention

Should you be grateful for a little twinge of pain?

For most people, the answer would be no. But, if you look at it in another light, pain is nature’s way of protecting you. When you feel a pinching or stinging sensation, it is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Case in point: tooth pain.

Bringing Out The Best in Your Teeth With The Mall Stockport Dentistry

Having teeth that look and feel great can change the way we live our lives. Feeling happy with what we see when we look in the mirror can give us a huge boost in confidence, which can change how we act around people. A warm and welcoming smile can make a big difference at work and in our social lives.

Benefits Of Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

With dental implants, a dentist can permanently replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth. At The Mall in Stockport we offer implant treatment to replace anything from one to all of your teeth, no matter why you’ve lost them.

Bedroom Talk: The Link Between Snoring and Sexual Satisfaction

Several factors affect a couple’s sex life. While most of these reasons make practical sense, snoring as a major factor in reduced intimacy levels is a little off. It could grow to be an inconvenience, but studies show heavy snoring affects sexual satisfaction, and may lead to the eventual end of a relationship.

Beating Fear of The Dentist And Getting Back to Oral Health

Being scared of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. At The Mall Stockport our whole team are sympathetic to the needs of nervous dental patients, and are committed to working with you at your own pace to help you back to oral health.